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Dan Hutchings, Managing Director

Dan Hutchings

Managing Director
Michaela  Ward, Sales Advisor

Michaela Ward

Sales Advisor
Vicky Williams, Marketing Manager

Vicky Williams

Marketing Manager
Kerry Scott, Development Sales Consultant

Kerry Scott

Development Sales Consultant
Rosie Hutchings, Sales Advisor

Rosie Hutchings

Sales Advisor
Compton Harry, Photographer

Compton Harry



Ask the Team…

Why are you passionate about the Shared Ownership scheme?

“After renting for many years, I found it a challenge to save for a deposit - until I came across Shared Ownership. Now I’m the proud owner of a beautiful, brand new house - a place I can call home.”

Dan Hutchings - Managing Director

“As mum to 2 disabled boys - I worry about their future… “This initiative promotes inclusivity and helps support the wider community - knowing that schemes like this exist helps me worry a little less, and has my full backing.”

Vicky Williams - Marketing Manager

“The delivery of affordable housing is a key priority in our country.  Over the coming years the government has pledged to spend £billions on shared ownership homes making homeownership even more achievable to so many people who thought owning their own home was just a dream.”

Kerry Scott - Development and Sales Consultant

“Growing up in a rural village, affordable housing schemes were few and far between. The increased availability of Shared Ownerships homes gives me and many others the opportunity to stay in their community and close to family, which is at the heart of this wonderful company.”

Rosie Hutchings - Sales Advisor

“Family is at the heart of this company - we look after and care about our customers. Whether it’s providing individuals with a better understanding of Shared Ownership, or assisting people get on the first step of the property ladder, or even opening the door to their forever home!

Seeing people’s lives improve - make this a really rewarding place to work.”

Michaela Ward - Sales Advisor

“I think the scheme helps and hugely benefits first-time buyers – which many of my friends and family are. So it’s really reassuring that this scheme exists – knowing that it could help my loved ones secure their own home.”

Compton Harry - Photographer

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