Charity Partners

The importance of mental health should never be underestimated – and in the current world that we live, more people than ever are experiencing challenges with this.

At Umbrella Homes, we proactively support charities to weather the mental health storm. The charity that we are supporting in our inaugural year is Mind - with the aim of; -

  • Raising awareness of the important work that they do
  • Remove previous stigmas surrounding mental health
  • Getting people talking openly about this topic and seeking support

As a business we want to promote a culture of care and support, so we have decided that along with fundraising activities, we want to pay-forward the support of our loyal customers. Therefore, whenever we receive a customer review (on Google Reviews or Social Media), we will donate £5 per review to Mind. Watch this space for more information on our fundraising antics!

Please click on the link below to find out how Mind can help you and your loved ones.